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~ El lado Rosa de la fuerza ~

*.* Fangirl World *.*

16 January 1985
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El lado Fangirl de Helsic


Welcome to the dark(?)-side of helsic in this place I'll just talk about random staff but not about my life. I don't take this account so seriously. basicly my real and serious acount is helsic . So this one is more just for fun and for random thoughs and comments about different fandoms, books, games, mangas, movies , music etc. As I said this account is just for myself(?) how can I explain... LOL just like talking to myself and I'm not interested in get into communities and stuff like that, mainly because I don't have time for it ;_; (the cruel reality of a adult person like me Dx)

*.* Super Junior *.*


Helsic. 25 years old. Colombian. Visual Designer. Fangirl. Creative girl. Super Junior fan. Perfume fan. Harry Potter. Death Note . Yaoi. Manga/Anime . Artemis Fowl . Videogames . Fanfics. English and spanish.


Super Junior:
1 - KangTeuk
2 - SiHan
3 - Qmi

Death Note:
1 - Light x L x Light

King of Fighters:
1 - Iori x Kyo
2 - Kyo x Shingo


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H e l s i c


This journal contains some stuff for adult people. Please if you're homophobic GTFO of here :)


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