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I'm watching True blood and I'm so adicted to it.
At the begining I thought the series will focus just in the relationship of Sookie and Bill and I thought it will be like the stereotype of love relationship betwen a mortal and a vampire. Like the fucking Twilight. BUTTTTTTT, I'm so happy to discover the whole series are so interesting. I love all the characters, all of them has something special even if they're just human beings, all of them has their own persionalities and backgrounds full of problems and mysteries.

I also thought because the name of the series that, it would talk about vampires and no more, but I'm so happy to see Witches, demons, werewolfes and shape-changes in the series, it makes the whole universe full of chances to have interesting plots.

And I'm so happy the series not only focus in the drama of love. They also shows a lot of action and gore LOL

Now I'm watching the second season and I'm so intrigued.
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Reading Bleach.

Bleach Pictures, Images and Photos
I have been reading Bleach.
I started Bleach because every time I read Naruto there was some annoying fanboy comparing both series. Bleach is better, Naruto is the best... blabla.

So I decided to start the damn Bleach after all.

At the begining was kind of boring. Ichigo is really annoying as a main character, yelling like crazy for everything... being so bigheaded... anyway, but I enjoyed the story and the secundary characters at school. Some of the episodes where very good some of them pretty boring, nothing special but well, Naruto also had bad episodes at the begining.

Now I'm reading the 11th volume. Ichigo and friends are kicking some asses in the shinigami world, I like the character design of all those shinigamis :) and the quality of the art is pretty good, not like the lack of shadows and patterns Naruto has recently...

But Bleach is still a predictable, average shonen manga. Maybe is going to be better... I'm not sure LOL but from now is nothing special for me :3 and I'm not 'excited' as I was reading Naruto during the Pain Arc and before.

To be honest I'm not VERY interested in Bleach... like I was in Death note or Black Bulter, because is to predictable. Everybody knows Ichigo is going to kick the ass of everyone and for some reason, he will be kind of special shinigami blabla.
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Writer's Block: High school musical

If you had to choose a theme song for your middle or high school years, what would it be, and why?

Well... I have been Jpop fan since high school so my 'Musical theme' for those days have to be Japanese. I think the best one how could describe my feelings and life style would be

this one because in that times I really listen to this group LOL

And this one:

Because my life in high school were happy, colorful, childish (?) and random :D
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About Hangeng again...

"hangeng did what he did because of the mistreatment he was suffering. it was causing PHYSICAL FUCKING HARM to his body. the other members can understand why he did what he did, and so can his real fans. sure, they may be disappointed, but they sure as hell aren’t blaming him for anything that’s happened. if anyone is to blame, it’s the way that SME treats their talents. hangeng would never have put any of his bandmates in this situation, or worried his fans, if it wasn’t something that he absolutely felt like he needed to do."

A fan wrote that an I found this picture taken by a fan while Hangeng was sick before he decided to start the lawsuit.

come one people!
he is a human being, he deserve to be happy. Fans are selfish and they don’t realize what is the best for their idols because those fans only want them to be their ‘imaginary boyfriends’ forever. Just… WTF?

He decided to do this because IS HIS LIFE. Shit, we’re nobody to judge him. Nobody really knows WHAT IS HE REALLY THINKING ABOUT THIS. We don’t know what happened after they leave the stage, SO we can’t run in to conclusions about what he did just because a few interviews. And yes, HeeChul is sad, everyone is sad, of course, but is Hangeng decition so as fans we must respect him.

I love HeeChul and Super Junior as well, (since 4 years ago) and not because that,  I’ll hate Hangeng for what he did, after all is not my life but his, and I’m sure he still love the sj members and this is only a difficult moment he is facing, as fans we need to support our idols no matter what, that’s true love.

After all of this shit with Hangeng I also start to realize I have been so rude expresing myself about Kibum's decition to focus in acting and I regret it. -_-

From now I'm not going to judge Kibum again ;A;
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SJ always surprise me!

I have to mention this because really surprised me!
this morning I read the translation of the Acknowledgements in the Super Junior 4 album, and I was reading the normal stuff as usual (you know, thanks to the managers, family etc) when I read, Ryeowook's words! and I was really surprised to read that, Wookie, said thanks to the woman that clean the floor where he lives.

I mean... isn't that so fucking amazing?
Usually, famous people just mention other 'important' people and in their cds, people like the managers, producers, directors etc. and of course I understand that and that's necesary and important, but I have never seen in my whole life an idol who thanks to the woman that clean his floor.

It's make me think about how humble he is. It make me realize Ryeowook is a person that knows how to apreciate other people's jobs. Usually we don´t think people that works in that kind of jobs (such as, cleaning houses, toilets, working at the kitchens etc) are important and We just value people with university degrees and great jobs.

I'm not saying which one is more important... is just that Ryeowooks taught me a lesson about valuing people today and he has no idea how much his influence will be good for my diary life :)

Writer's Block: Mark my words

What gives your life special meaning and purpose? Do you think it's important to leave a lasting mark on the world? If so, what form do you think this will take?

I think it is very important.

Actually I'm trying to do that. I´m a Colombian and as many people know, Colombia is a country with not a very good international image, we have to deal some problems with narcotraffic and guerrilla and a lot of people in the world, thinks my country is full of drugs and violence.. and to be honest, yes, there're a lot of problems with drugs and stuff... but that's not the only thing about Colombia. We're full of good people and we're the land of passion.

SO, I came to Taiwan as a VOLUNTEER to teach Taiwanese kids in elementary Schools about my culture, about the good things of Colombia. folk tales, leyends, fables, music, dances and more. And the kids love it. Now when I ask some kids about their favorite country they'll say "Colombia" and that, make me soooo happy.

Perhaps I'm not going to CHANGE the world, because I'm just a random person, but at least I can do something important for people and the most important thing I can make them happy :D
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Blah... I just read the translation about this guy from MBLAQ saying he avoied Chul because he though Chul were gay...

What a homophobic comment! my godness.
I mean, I felt bad, I'm also gay (I'm bi to be more expecific) and that's discrimination. I don't have anything against MBLAQ, actually I don't know anything of them more than, Rain is the manager LOL. But I think to say that in a tv show is not good... I mean... How about the fans that are gay? How do they feel??

So it means, because he though HeeChul was gay, so He didn't give him a chance to be friends? to know each others?
Jesus Christ! a person is more important for his personality than for his sexual behavior.

I know, Korea is to homophobic , I know fanservice is just a bussines, but seriously people, his comment made me feel bad :/
It's very difficult for me, a person who was born in Colombia, (where most of the people is so open-minded toward sexuality) to understand this kind of things.

Perhaps they have a script to follow, but even if that were the case, the tv show organizers must be careful with that, the whole thing is very ofensive to somebody that is really gay.

Anyway, I don't want to give a shit for this xD I just feel I have to write it :)